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So for the next 2 months, I'm up to six daily medications. But more importantly, for the next week I get to take my personal max of prednisone. This is all supposed to be to keep me breathing. I suspect it's to make me cranky enough to hurt someone badly.

You have been warned.

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For a new twist at summer camp....

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It took me a bit, but I've finally articulated why I so vehemently hate Warren being invited to do the invocation at the inauguration. If Obama wants to extend his hand to groups who feel left out, even though they hate, let him start with his own minority. It's so much easier to be friendly towards someone who doesn't hate you for existing then it is for someone who does hate you simply because you exist. I'm sure there's a significant group of alienated racist voters. Hell, he can start by looking at the people who went to Sara's rallies during the election.

When he invites someone who represents a blatantly racist person, then I'll feel comfortable with him inviting a blatant homophobe.

Until then, I have a hard time seeing him as trying to unite with this.

He is not our ally.
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Thrilled that we voted a black man in, and yet enraged that a large state voted to remove a civil right and oppress a minority.

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Four days ago I started popping a low grade fever...99 to 100, with lots of muscle aches. No other symptoms, after the second day I called my doc and he thought it was allergies or maybe something viral. He told me that if it was viral it would bloom into symptoms in a day or two. By yesterday evening it became apparent. I now have about 10 blisters on my back a few on my chest, and about a dozen on my face. The worst three are the one in my arm pit, the one in the crease where the outside of my nostril joins my face, and on the edge of the pad to my left index finger. At first they didn't itch, but that changed. Alot. I'm 47 fucking years old, this should have been done with a long time ago.

There is another explanation besides the pox. My temp this AM was 96.9. You could be right Adam, I could be turning into a boil covered zombie.

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Humans are built for endurance, not speed. Once in shape, most humans can out run most animals including most antelope. We can't sprint for shit, but we can keep going and going. Now, if only I could convince my lungs, heart & legs of this
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Hmmm....I haven't posted in a bit. Several changes have occurred. jockbdboy earned his wings by spending endless hours yesterday resuscitating my laptop from a most horrible death. The near death experience was caused by Ad-Aware and complicated by Spybot. And I used to think they were my friends.

On a more intense note, Mike's mother came down with pulmonary embolisms from clots in her legs. After 5 days in the hosptial and lots of coumadin she should be out tomorrow. Kind of odd, I knew she'd eventually die, I just never expected it. Hard to believe how cool she has been to me, especially given the frost way our relationship began (Mike had just came out to her and it was not a happy time that I didn't come with girl bits instead of boy bits). Anyways, to speed her recovery along, I made her chicken soup which always seems to get positive reviews. Here's the recipe:

cut up an onion into roughly 1/2" bits and slowly caramelize with some oil in a stock pot. Once caramelized, pour in half a bottle of white wine (I usually use something cheap and dry) & fill the pot almost to the top with miscellaneous chicken bones (which you can get by cutting up your own whole chickens & freezing the backs & wings), chicken wings, & chicken legs. then cover the chicken with water. Bring it to a boil and then turn the heat down to a bare simmer. That means the bubbles are just barely breaking the surface. Now you just give it time. A lot of time. I usually simmer mine about 8 to 12 hours. You can tell it's done when the bones fall apart. You may have to replace some of the water that's boiled off. Once it's done, you can stop there if you're like. Strain out the chicken meat and bones, degrease the top (easiest to do by chilling it & taking the hard grease off the top) & you have some very nice chicken stock. To make chicken soup, after straining and degreasing, cut up veggies. I usually use something like onion, potato, celery, corn, peas, mushrooms & carrots. Sometimes I'll switch out the potato for rice or noodles. Bring the stock up to a moderate simmer and put the veg's in. I prefer to cut the veg's small. That way they cook quicker. Depending on the sizes, you may want to put the harder root veggies in earlier and let them get a bit more time than the relatively softer veggies. Once the veg's are tender, strip the meat off the boiled chix bits and put it in. At that point it's soup. There are lots of others things you can add at this point to punch up the flavors:

1. salt and pepper
2. Thyme (I prefer fresh)
3. Parsley
4. Rosemary (but be light with it, or the soup will taste like a fir tree)
5. Mix some flour with white wine and slowly pour it into the soup while stirring. As the soup comes to a boil, it will thicken the soup. Keep it warm for 5 more min's to cook out the flour taste (I really like this step)
6. I strongly recommend you don't use bouillon. It's too salty, but there's a product called "Better than bouillon" that can up the chicken flavor without adding a ton of salt.

It keeps in the fridge for about a week & it's quite yummy.
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So I just got into work. Per usual, today I cycled here. It's about a 7 to 8 mile trip. Today was especially good for it, the bike path was empty and best of all, I had a 15 to 20 mph tail wind. My nano playing alienated and angry 80's music in my head and the path opens up onto the lake. The wind has created enough chop in the water that it's a grey with vague greenish quality color. In Chicago, that means there's been a lot of wind for a long time. Anyways, the first wave hits the shoreline protections and right in front of me and blasts about a 15 foot spout of water up and across the bike path, almost soaking me. It's not often that we get surf out in the flatlands, so I giggle and start dodging the spouts. 20 minutes later, I'm sitting here in my office. My bike clothes & especially my shoes and socks are fairly soaked. I'm still a bit wet, grateful I had (dry) work clothes in my bag and I'm smiling. Endorphins and surf, what a cool time....then I remember this weekend's experience of eating french fries cooked in duck fat. Life is good.

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